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Nova project in this mission
Sterimed has significantly grown over the last years. A lot of our current IT systems are outdated and/or with limited functionalities. In addition, a lot of our entities have a strong willingness to accelerate their development and cross-fertilize their products and their customers with the rest of the group. Finally, a lot of Sterimed people are eager for more efficiency in their daily work, seeking to benefit from 21st century digitalization and the power of Data. So we collectively came to the conclusion that sharing a common ERP and a common CRM throughout the group would be the best way to answer those ambitions. This is what Nova project is about, and it is a key project in the pathway of Sterimed group developement.

BPC role
The role of Business Project Coordinators (BPC) is absolutely fundamental in my view : because they are the first ever group of people representing the whole Sterimed group and working and sharing together about what their entities and ways of working are about, but also because they are responsible of setting-up, for the whole group, the future common ways of working with the common system, making sure this includes the needs of all the entities, and explaining and training the new systems to their colleagues in their entities and elsewhere

Discover the interviews of Tiziana, Victor and Arnaud:
their role and mission as BPC and their biggest challenge.

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